Matthieu Kieffer is a 26 years old self-taught guitarist from Erstein, France. He embraced the acoustic guitar world in 2008, learning rock classics before catching the feel and hype of the expanding art of fingerstyle music that features extended guitar techniques developed by iconic figures Michael Hedges, Preston Reed and Don Ross, and popularized on the internet by artists such as Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour and Thomas Leeb.


Doctor in astrophysics, Matthieu occasionally plays shows in Paris and aims to reach larger audiences. His music incorporates fingerstyle techniques with bass line and percussion patterns performed synchronously on a single acoustic guitar, while coloring the whole sound space with atmospheric melodies and ethereal ambient symphonies triggered by guitar and vocal effects, without any loops or backing tracks. The result is a unique and astonishing musical and visual experience turned into a one man’s guitar solo project.