Music videos - 2016

Hi! I'm very happy to announce that my new 2016 videos are finally online!
They feature live guitar and vocal ambient symphonies as part of my new solo cosmic fingerstyle guitar project (see the "Bio" section).

Enjoy! =)


Videos filmed and recorded in high quality at Prachwerk Berlin (Berlin Acoustic Guitar Night)

The Celestial Symphony n°1 (opening) - Live @Prachtwerk Berlin
Style: ambiant movie soundtrack

Ambiant vocal effects: TC Helicon Voicelive 3

Give It A Try - Live @Prachtwerk Berlin

Style: one-man techno music band

Pitch-shifted/autotuned vocals + synthesizer sounds: TC Helicon Voicelive 3

Talk about vocal effects + 2 songs - Live @Prachtwerk Berlin

- The Celestial Symphony n°2 (Orion)
- Give It A Try (techno music)

Music videos  (< 2014)

Live videos - Paris

(experimenting with vocal effects)

Studio recordings - Berlin

Open mic in Paris - 2014

Live performance at Thomas Leeb Guitar Bootcamp 2014 - Austria